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Friday 23 July 2021

ModgePodging Wooden Coat Hangers ...

ModgePodging Wooden Coat Hangers ...

If you're looking to create a handmade gift, that is inexpensive, but still holds a personal touch, then try ModgePodging Wooden Coat Hangers.

All you need is ...

  • One Serviette per Coat Hanger
  • Wooden Coat Hangers
  • ModgePodge

You will need to remove the Ply's till you get to the 1 top Ply {the patterned Serviette often come in 2 or 3 Ply}, smooth ModgePodge onto the Coat Hanger, start along the base first by cutting a strip off, then rip and layer until the Coat Hanger is covered.
Allow to air dry, but separate the Coat Hangers, as they may stick to each other.
If you are in a hurry, then use a Heat Tool to speed up the drying process.
My Coat Hangers were all made with the same patterned Serviette, but each turned out differently.

You can usually purchase Serviettes in the singles from your local craft shop, such as "The Creative Craft Room" in Stoke.

Wah-lah ... a handmade personal gift, ideal for Mothers Day or Christmas!

Whilst trying to write this article for my website The JorjaRose Files, and they be like sitting on my legs!!!
Momma Madi on the bottom, left is Maisy-Daisy, and top right is Chonky Boy Felix The Pug 🐾🐕💖

Monday 19 July 2021

My Best Friend's Gender Reveal Party ...

My Best Friend's Gender Reveal Party ...

What do you do when your best friend tells you that she is pregnant ... start planning the Gender Reveal Party of course!

On Saturday, Aleisha and Ryan celebrated their new baby boy due December 2021, and also revealed they are pregnant with twins!!!
We find out the gender of the second twin in three weeks.
I knew of course, but have had to keep it quiet these past 17 weeks, which was oh so hard!

Aleisha wanted to do a Gift Table, so that each guest went home with a handmade gift.
There were 60 gifts that I made, ranging from Calendar Fridge Magnets, Calendar Notebooks and Decorated 3B1 Notebooks, what a BIG job!!!

I also made two framed artworks for the Nursery, and a cute matching card.
There were little details on the framed artworks, like the Teddy Bear holding the Calendar with December written on it.
I always add a tonne of pearls, but always odd numbers, like 3 large Pearls, and 5 small Pearls ...

I hope you enjoy the medley of ALL these photos taken at the Baby Shower, and of the gifts I made ...

"Photo Wall and Grazing Table"

"Grazing Table"

"Drinks Table"

"Gift Table"

And these are the Gifts I made, first off the Mini Calendar Fridge Magenets ...

And the Mini Calendar Notebooks ...

Whenever I have a bulk order to make, I always precut everything then make in an assembly line ...

I was really honoured that Aleisha asked my daughter JorjaRose to be the Photographer/Videographer at the party.
From my family to yours, wishing you all the best for the journey ahead Aleisha and Ryan ... with TWINS!

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