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Saturday 11 May 2024

Please Help In Danielle's Lipoedema Journey ...

Please Help In Danielle's Lipoedema Journey ... 

I just received the heartbreaking news that my friend's daughter Danielle {Dani - 24 years old} is very poorly {Stage 3}, with a disease called "Lipoedema".

Danielle Thake is a 24-year-old Mother, who has a beautiful 6-year-old daughter. 

She has been living with a rare disease known as "Lipoedema", that was unrecognised for six years.
She has recently been diagnosed with early Stage 3 of the disease. 

Lipoedema is a chronic progressive inflammatory fat disease, caused when inflamed tissues accumulate under the skin and progress into other areas of the body. 

Over time Lipoedema progresses up the Legs, eventually to the Neck, and will attack vital Organs. 

Lipoedema is not to be confused for Lymphoedema or Obesity, and it is a disease that cannot be exercised or dieted away.

Dani has restricted mobility, and suffers the physical and psychological burden of this disease on a day-to-day basis.
Dani is in constant pain, with swollen, heavy, and achy Legs, that feel like her Legs are encased in concrete.
The Lipoedema has now traveled past her Legs and Thighs, and it is now affecting Dani's Back and Arms as well.

Danielle has tried multiple public and private approaches in the New Zealand health care system, yet has been Declined any help.
This includes Blood Test{s} $350, and measuring her legs for special support tights that are to be worn for 8 weeks before Surgery.
A Specialist is now having to fly to Nelson from Aussie this week, to measure Dani's Legs, after the NMDHB refused!

Fortunately, Danielle is now a patient of "Lipoedema Surgical Solution"' in Queensland, Australia, who specialises in this disease. 

Dani and her Mum Wendy have been traveling to her Appointments in Australia, in readiness for her to advance to the next stage, of her "Extraction Surgeries", in which Dani is needing a total of 5 Surgeries.

So if you can donate in any way to her "Give A Little" page, I know the Thake family, Dani and her daughter especially, would be immensely grateful.

#GiveALittle #Lipoedema #LipoedemaAwareness #RichmondGirlThroughandThrough #WaimeaSupporter #WOBRFC   

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