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Monday 30 October 2017

The Great Big Little Wedding Show

Today JorjaRose and I attended “The Great Big Little Wedding Show” at Club Waimea.
Club Waimea is xtra special for our family as RJ and JR’s Grandfather helped build the complex, and is one of the former Presidents.
The kids Grandmother is now on the Club Waimea Committee, so Club Waimea is still a BIG part of our lives.

Anyways, on to the good stuff, I had the pleasure of meeting the following people today at "The Great Big Little Wedding Show” ...

Kathy Marquet from “Kathy Marquet Personal Stylist” 

Kay Jordan from “Mint Flowers”

"Wild Peaks"

"Sign Art"

Vanessa Griffin at "Profile"

Wendy Burton at “Wendy Burton Cake and Sugar Art”

Paul Mullany at “Quickstep To Dance”

Kimberley Johns from “MUA Kimberley” – MakeUp Artist

Rebecca O’Fee from “O’Fee Wedding Events”

"Benjamin Black Goldsmiths"

Wendy Lovering from “The Wedding Whisperer”

Brenda Robinson from “From This Day Forward”

Linda Bunt from “Cakes For All Occasions”

Warren Ludemann from “Made For Men”

Vicki Turnbull from “Vicki Turnbull Photography”

Sharon Dunbar from “Nelson Tailors Menswear - Suit Hire By The Professionals”

Lawson’s Dry Hills

Gareth and Kim Rosser from “G+K Events Hire”

Carl Christiansen from “Flowers 4 Nelson”

Roger and Amanda Neame from “Audio Entertainment”

Nelson Beauty Therapy

Kim McCormack from “Holistics NZ”

Sarah Wooster from “Herbalife”

At 3pm there was a Draw for 13 wedding related items, including a wedding dress!
JorjaRose was asked to do all the Draws … and she didn’t pick me!
JR had fun, and thought nothing of it to help out, but unexpectedly, they gave JR $20, which she was ab-so-tootly rapt with!

We spent a lovely afternoon, meeting many locals, and networking too!

The wedding season is truly upon us, and I wish all the vendors a prosperous Spring-Summer, of couples in love, and showing their love by marrying their sweet <3

* ALL photos featured have been sourced via Facebook, or the respective website{s}.
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