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Saturday 31 March 2018

The Life Of Kathe: Yep, It's Another Accident!!!

The Life Of Kathe: Yep, It's Another Accident!!!

Welcome to my latest Craftin' injury!!!
A week ago today I was teaching a private all day Class.
I am VERY fortunate that my bestie Aleisha is an Advanced Care Paramedic!!!
I was working at the kitchen counter with my Sizzix BigShot, when my "Sizzix Precision Steel Plate" fell from the bench straight towards my foot!

To give you an idea of the Sizzix Precision Plate, here are the specs:
Constructed of high-quality annealed steel, the Base Plate allows for precise die-cutting of intricate Sizzix Thinlits dies, and weighs .87lb

As you can see from the photos, all of which were taken today, the angle of the Precision Plate pierced my foot with the corner, which is very sharp!

At that same moment, the injury also caused a vein in my foot to blow up.
Luckliy Aleisha wasst thinking and placed a pack of ice on my foot.

Cut to exactly 7 days later, and you can see the bruising is along my toe-line, and also along the base of my foot + my foot is still very swollen and tender.

Does it still hurt?   Heck yeah!
But I always say, "Craft till ya bleed", I think this was a tad over the top this time though!

Anyways, it hasn't stopped me from Craftin', as I spent the better part of today in my Craft Haven.
I always look on the bright side ... it could have been worse, I could have chopped my toe off!

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