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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Public Service Announcement …

Public Service Announcement …
Dusty is back home after being Cat-Napped … AGAIN!!!
This is the second time in 23 days he has been taken by a {different} neighbour in the next street over.
The first time to Town & Country Vet, and this last time to SPCA Nelson Centre.
Thank you to the caring staff at both places for treating Dusty so well, and looking after Dusty, till we located him, Dusty is NOT a stray, he likes to wander one street over and visit the oldies at Stillwater Gardens Retirement Village each day.
So if you see Dusty out and about, please do not feed him, and please do not Cat-Nap him!SPCA Nelson Centre have Micro-chipped Dusty, so if he turns up again, they can call us straight away.Thanks to Aleisha and Nicky for seeing Dusty on Facebook, and letting us know, so that we could be reunited with him.
If you want to see some of Dusty’s adventures, head to my article "Dusty Deserves His Own Post" …

Saturday 9 February 2019

Fundraiser: Let’s Get Sophie To Tahiti …

Hi Everyone!

My name is Sophie and I am a Year Thirteen (Grade 12) student at Waimea College {High School}.

In July this year {2019} (exact dates to be confirmed) my French class is travelling to Tahiti for 10 days so as to immerse ourselves in speaking French.
This trip is important to me as I am hugely passionate about languages, I also study Japanese, Te Reo Maori, and Korean, and I dream of one day having a career where I can use all of these languages.
This trip would highly benefit my French abilities and give me a big step up in my speaking capabilities.
I designed these shirts myself, the front saying "Why?" and the back saying "Because I can!" (in French of course!), because I am always being asked why I learn so many languages and spend so much of my time on them, and this is my answer. 
I hope you will all want to support me! 


To order, please go to 

Available to purchase in Premium Unisex T-Shirt, Long Sleeve Tee, Pullover Hoodie, and Women’s Slouchy Tank …


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