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Friday 14 June 2024

@ A Funeral In 2024, Do you wear Classic Black or Colour?

@ A Funeral In 2024, Do you wear Classic Black or Colour? 

🩷 So my day started off this morning, with yet another visit the Dr's Rooms, on Friday I have my 29th visit to my GP since last September 2023!!!
Anyways, I was there to see the H.I.P. person, which I really didn't know what they do, so "borrowed" this from my GP'S Website @ Stoke Medical

🩷 H E A L T H   I M P R O V E M E N T  P R A C T I T I O N E R  (H.I.P.)
Employed by Nelson Bays Primary Health, Health Improvement Practitioners (HIPs) are "Behavioural Health Clinicians".

HIPs help with any issues impacting on your health and wellbeing.
HIPs deliver focused 20-30 minute brief intervention for all age groups. 
Services are free and you can often be seen on the same day. 
HIPs can help with:
✦ Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours
✦ Stress, anxiety, or feeling down
✦ Coping with Grief and Loss
✦ Sleep
✦ Alcohol and Drug use
✦ Relationship issues
✦ Coping with chronic health conditions
✦ Managing high cholesterol, diabetes, or cardiac conditions 
✦ Accessing other services 

Kelly the HIP taught me the "Grounding Technique 5,4,3,2,1" 
It involves identifying 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

"The Struggle Switch" by Dr Russ Harris

And as I am in so much pain {I'm 15 weeks Post Op from my 2nd Spinal Op}, and am constantly in a "Flight, Fight, Freeze" situation called "The Struggle Switch" by Dr Russ Harris, I am also learning some coping techniques for my stress levels.

My hope is to also join a Coffee Group, or maybe a Spinal Support Group, to make some friends, otherwise, the only people I see each week are my Medical Professionals.

There is a Website called "wellby" which is for the Nelson/Tasman Community.

They have daily/weekly "Talking Cafes", so Fingers and Toes x'ed that I can make the next meeting in my area is on Tuesday @ McCashins  ... 

Wellby Talking Cafés welcome everyone for a relaxed cuppa and can start your journey to connect with others who enjoy the same things. 
You can pop in for a quick chat or stay for a longer conversation with friendly people.
There is no need to register, just turn up on the day.
The Talking Café hosts will warmly welcome you when you arrive.

McCashin's Brewery
660 Main Road
Stoke, Nelson 7011
Phone 03 547 5357 Facebook

"Wellby Talking Café"
Tuesday 18th June 2024 10am > 11.30am

The Creative Craft Room
2 Nashi Place
Stoke, Nelson 7011
Facebook ✦ Email

I went to Women Connecting at "The Creative Craft Room" in Stoke a couple of weeks ago, and sat and had coffee and chatted to the other Crafty Ladies, as due to my lack of Mobility, and Pain, I can't Craft { Y E T }, but can still talk!
It was great catching up with so many of my friends at the Craft Group, as I have known these ladies for years.

It's all about company and friendship, as you can get very lonely while recovering from Surgery, Illness, or moving into your next Chapter.

🩷 I wrote this on my Facebook page last week, as I know there are many #Friends and #Family who stay silent and don't reveal how bad things really are with their own Depression and Suicidal thoughts ...

#Friends and #Family are so IMPORTANT for bringing you ⬆️Up⬆️, when you are so ⬇️Down⬇️ and broken.
If you know of someone who is poorly, rebuilding after Surgery, has their own #Trauma that they are working through - please reach out, and let your #Friend / #Family Member know you are thinking of them.
Often those suffering in silence don't ask for help, till it's too late.

🩷 Please read, and share the document I have below ...

🩷 "Emergency and Support Helplines" 🩷

It's not just the individual person suffering in silence, and fighting to stay on Earth, because every day is a F I G H T  to stay alive and present.
On the other side of the coin are the #Friends and #Family supporting you, as they too can become lost in the situation.
I found the last line on this document very helpful, and forwarded it onto my Husband, in case he needed help too, even though he says he's fine ...

"Skylight" is a Helpline Phone Number for #Friends and #Family members, needing Support, phone 0800 299 100
For support through Trauma, Loss and Grief; 9 am to 5 pm weekdays.

@ A Funeral In 2024, Do you wear Classic Black or Colour? 

🩷 My other part of the day was visiting my Mother-In-Law at the Rest Home, as we were advised yesterday, that she was now in the final stages of passing away, as she wouldn't eat and had lost 6kg in the last month.

She is so concerned about the cost of her Funeral.

I told her not to worry about money, and now is the time to spend with her #Family and #Friends and enjoy these last few days.

I know it's a silly question to ask, but this day and age, for a Funeral in 2024,
should you wear Classic Black, or a Colourful Dress?

As Nola was/is such a vibrant woman, who also presented herself so beautifully in lovely clothes, and always had her Hair and MakeUp done, not to mention her gorgeous Fuchsia Nail Polish.
It seems silly not to wear a colourful Dress in her Memory, however on checking my Wardrobe, I had 4 Brand New Black Dresses, with the Tags still on!

But I think I will wear a Classic Black Dress by "Shine On", and ⬆️U P⬆️ the accessories, with my cute Zimmer Frame {LOL - Tongue-In-Cheek}, and my Hide Vibe Handbag, and Keds Sneakers!

Today's "Dress Code" for Weddings and Funerals is shocking - with people even turning up In jeans and Flip-Flops, for these very special and respective occasions!!!

🩷 W H A T  A M  I  W E A R I N G  T O D A Y ? ...
✦ “Grey Merino w/ Floral Hoodie” by "Shine On"
✦ Pink Ruffle Tee by "Seduce" via Sassys
✦ "Tomas Cropped Skinny Stepped Hem Jean" @ "Shine On"
✦ Cotton Candy Slippers by Furmoo
✦ Ankle Boots via Temu
✦ MakeUp by "Bobbi Brown Cosmetics"
✦ MakeUp Artist Kathe @ JorjaRoseNZ

🩷💋 This came up in my #Timeline today, and it made me #Smile 💋🩷

 🩷 2 #SupportLocal  🩷 2 #BuyLocal  🩷 2 #ShopLocal   🩷#LoveLocal
#LivingWithChallengers #Healing #OutAndAbout #SelfCare #KeepBusy #OneDayAtATime #5MinutesAtATime #Trauma #PTSD #BehindTheSmile #Wellby #McCashins #SupportGroup
#ShineOn #WhatToWear #ClassicBlack #Colour #Funeral #SayingGoodbye

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Oh, and by the way, I P A S S E D ...

🚗The Life Of Kathe ... Monday 10th June 2024 🚗

Today I have a 2-hour 🚗Driving Assessment🚗 - so Fingers and Toes x'ed that I Pass!


Hours later ...

Oh and by the way, I PASSED w/ flying colours, and the Assessor was truly impressed with my #DrivingSkills #OutAndAbout driving around Richmond, Tasman ...

🩷 D R I V I N G    T E S T  ...
We drove past the house that has MY Entrance Way {which is a constant reminder}, then down Salisbury Road to Queen Sreet {the Main Street in our town].  
Then past "Paper Plus Richmond" {where I worked for a number of years}, and where the "BNZ" is now. 
I indicated to her that the ONLY Mall currently in the Region, the "Richmond Mall" on Cnr Queen, Croucher and Talbot Streets, Richmond, Nelson.
I even drove her to work to show her the "Raeward Fresh Tasman" Staff Car Park, for when I return to work ... at 4am in the morning!!!

🩷 P H Y S I C A L    T E S T S ...
On top of Physical Tests, including Measurements / Height / Neck / Waist / Back Movement / Arm{s} / Leg{s} {Right Leg is 2cm longer than the Left} and Ankle Movement.
Filming me getting in and out of the Car, putting the Zimmer Frame in and out of the Car {it won't fit in the boot of the Car}, height of the Car Seats, how Tall I am, Length of my Legs, Coccyx Cushion Displacement, how long I can sit for + many more questions {as this was my second Spinal Operation} ...

THEN there was THE  P r a c t i c a l !!!

🩷 T H E    P R A C T I C A L ...
Giveway Signs, Stop Signs, U Turn, Double {Two Lane} Roundabouts, 100km, Roadworks, 30km, 50km and 100km, use of Mirrors, Traffic Lights, Parking on a Hill, Vigilance, Checking at all times whether there were any bikes, I even told her how slippery the green paint on the road for the Cyclists was!

    >>> she was VERY #Impressed with my #DrivingSkills!!! <<<


🩷 W H A T  A M  I  W E A R I N G  T O D A Y ? ...
✦ “Mineral Nevermind Check Jacket - Green
✦ Navy Top by "NOOZ"
✦ "Wakee Denim Lucy Cargo Jean Khaki" @ "Shine On"
✦ Navy Rose Gold Sparkle Sneakers by "Keds"
✦ MakeUp by "Bobbi Brown Cosmetics"
✦ MakeUp Artist Kathe @ JorjaRoseNZ

🩷 2 #SupportLocal  🩷 2 #BuyLocal  🩷 2 #ShopLocal  🩷 #LoveLocal 

#JorjaRoseNZ #TheLifeOfKathe 
#MUAKathe #OneStepAtATime #LivingLifeWithChallengers #LifeAfterSpinalSurgery #PTSD #SelfCare 
#BlastFromThePast #MemoriesFromAFormerLife #DrivingSkills #DrivingTest #ThePractical #IPassed
#BobbiBrown #BobbiBrownCosmetics #ShineOn #Mineral #NOOZ #Keds 

Monday 10 June 2024

Brick Eatery At Monaco Village, Nelson - it's A Destination ...

"Brick Eatery"

30 Quiet Woman Way, Monaco Nelson 7011 Phone +64 03 547 0792

The Brick Eatery on Point Road, Monaco, Nelson was my destination for an #Impromptu, 10-minute notice #Brunch today!
Of course, I welcomed an #Invite to get #OutAndAbout, and thoroughly enjoyed the company and conversation.

For a fabulous #Meal, whether it be #Brunch, #Lunch or #Dinner, this is the #Restaurant to go to for the sheer atmosphere and scenery of #Beautiful #NelsonTasman.
Nestled at Monaco Village on the Monaco Peninsula, the scenery at The Brick Eatery is gorgeous, as it overlooks the Waimea Inlet, then out into the Tasman Sea.

From the Dining Room and the Court-Yard of The Brick Eatery, you can view the Waimea Inlet, as well as the Pond that runs along the front of the Grand Arden Monaco Hotel, plus beautiful Palm Trees, and green spaces merging down to the Tidal Beach.

As the Peninsula is Tidal, there is always a hive of activities with Boaters, Sailors, Fisher-people, Artists, Beachgoers and Walkers flocking there, plus people visiting the Galleries around the “Island” of Monaco.

Formerly called "The Orangerie", and opened 2005

The Brick Eatery is adjacent to “The Grand Arden Monaco Nelson” which opened in 2004.
The original Restaurant opened in 2005, and was called “The Orangerie”, and was named after the Orangerie Groves in Italy.

They had such fancy chairs at “The Orangerie”, from memory they were hand-made in Italy. Back in the day {2005 onwards}, it was one of the most elite Restaurants in Nelson for Cuisine, Decadance AND impeccable Style, as it still is now.
The floor is tiled in BIG Black and White Squares, and the Dining Room looks like a small BallRoom and is perfect for dancing the night away.

“The Grand Arden Monaco Nelson”

6 Point Road, Monaco Nelson 7011
Email Phone +64 022 461 9734 

The whole Monaco Village / Community is beautifully made into a “quintessential English countryside Village” and both Monaco Village and notable Nelson icon "The Honest Lawyer” Pub {which is a play on words} were originally created by Mike Gepp.
Made from handmade Bricks and Timber salvaged from the Nelson Wharf built in 1842, and it's like a step back in time to the Countryside of England with an abutment of Wild Flowers, including a Village Green.

“Monaco Village”

6 Point Road, Monaco Nelson 7011

Along with the Hotel, and the Privately-Owned Two Story Cottages, there are a number of other businesses that are available at Monaco Village including:
✦  "Brick Eatery"
✦  “Paul Harris Jewellers Monaco Resort”  
✦  “About Beauty At Monaco”
✦  “Nelson Events and Venues” which has Conference Rooms and a Wedding Venue at the Complex
✦  + a Pool and Onsite Gym.

✦  Sidenote: In a previous lifetime {2004 > 2007} I was the “Duty Manager” for 3 and ¼ years doing NightShift {from 4pm onwards} at the then-called “Monaco Hotel & Resort”.
I chose to work these hours, so that I could be there for my Kiddos during the day {and their early morning starts!}.
When I started, the Kiddos were exactly 2 years 5 months old, and 12 months old {there are seventeen months between them}.
I started working @ Monaco Hotel & Resort on the 1st of August 2004 after my little girl JR turned one year old the previous day, and only four months after the Hotel opened ...

Whilst there, I lost the Sock of “That Guy” Leigh Hart ... on his Honeymoon!
The Man behind “Wakachangi” Beer and Chips, brewed by Harrington's Breweries.
Born in little ole Greymouth, and starting his career in TV in the 1990s, he’s well known for satirical comedy and the ole Hellers Bacon Ads!
Little known fact … In 2011 in Shanghai, Mr Hart helped raise nearly half a million dollars for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund!

Not to mention former All Black Mr Daniel William Carter ONZM, when he Checked In … I asked Mr Carter if he was willing to take any phone calls.
Mr Carter said he was only willing to take phone calls from his then-girlfriend, now wife Honor!!! - How cute is that!

Being a very exclusive Hotel, you can imagine the "Guest Register", and the caliber of the guests that stayed over the years!!!
As I was there for so long I gathered quite a number of stories, some of which seem unbelievable looking back!!!
> more to be released in my W.I.P. Book I am working on!

“Charred Mushrooms”

Portobello Mushrooms with Potato Rosti, Avocado, Poached Eggs {which I requested well-done}, Dukkah, and was garnished with Mesclun Salad.

The Wait staff were super friendly and accommodating, as I like my eggs well done!
As it was Brunch, I ordered “Charred Mushrooms”, Portobello Mushrooms with Potato Rosti, Avocado, Poached Eggs {which I requested well-done}, Dukkah, and was garnished with Mesclun Salad.
I could not fault my order, it was sheer bliss. The Veges were so fresh, you could tell they came straight from the garden. 
The Portobello Mushrooms were big fat and juicy, and sliced into chunks, then charred.
The Potato Rosti was the tallest I have ever experienced, and it was a rectangle - I know the mind blows!!!
Hass Avocado was whipped into a gorgeous dollop, and the Poached Eggs looked so pretty.
Loved the Dukkah, as it was a delicious crunch surprise, I would definitely order this Dish again, and my Brunch Companion also ordered the “Charred Mushrooms”!

“Antipodes Water Company”

My only complaint was that I was not advised there would be a charge for "Sparkling Water".
Some local Cafes and Restaurants like "Crossbow Coffee Roasters" have Sparkling Water on Tap, and it is complimentary.
So was a bit shocked at the $12 charge for the Antipodes Sparkling Water, when I settled my Bill - although it did taste so pure, refreshing and silky smooth - I took my half-drunk bottle home with me!

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very simple error, as when I dined at a VERY Fine Dining Establishment in Wellington recently, for my son’s Graduation from University - which is a really special Dinner Occasion, I asked the Waiter if Sparkling Water was available.
When the waiter came back to the Table, he was carrying a beautiful chilled Glass Bottle of Water, and before he had time to take the Lid off, I asked if there was a Charge.
The Waiter did not know if there was a cost, and I suggested he go and ask at the Bar, he came back and advised that yes, there was a charge, and it was NZD$12!!!
As it was my son’s Graduation, I thought why not? As everyone was ordering Beers, Wines, and Cocktails, so why couldn't I have a glass of chilled "Antipodes Sparkling Water", which is also available as Antipodes Still Water.

An excerpt from the “Antipodes Water Company” Website …
     “Far beneath the earth’s surface at a depth of 327m is the natural home of Antipodes; an artesian aquifer composed of silica-rich ignimbrite rock. 
Assessed as New Zealand’s deepest high-quality water source, it exists under such immense geological pressure that the water flows naturally all the way to the surface. 
Its measured age at bottling is between 50 to 300 years.”

I would much rather have been advised the charge before the Sparkling Water was poured, cause I would have ordered a Glass of Ice!
BUT the $12 was well worth it!

As a person #LivingWithChallengers and I am on a Zimmer Frame, I did find getting access to the Restaurant difficult, as although there was lots of parking, once entering the Courtyard, there were large Concrete Pavers surrounded by small stones, and at each Paver, my Zimmer Frame would jam against each and every Paver, as there was not enough stones in the gaps.
I did mention my concern to the staff, and they were already aware of this hazard as it is part of an Irrigation System, and the Stones/Pebbles needed to be a certain height for water to run off.
So I suggested a “Caution” sign out front, as a Warning Sign to take Caution could mean the difference between a slight accident to a broken Hip or Ankle!

All-in-all though, I would rate my wonderful experience this morning at "Brick Eatery" as 4 ½ out of 5.

*This Article is of my own Opinion, and is #NotAPaidEditorial and #NotAnAd


Kathe - Social Media Maven @ "The JorjaRose Files"

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Sunday 2 June 2024

Raeward Fresh Tasman a Supermarket on Wheels

Raeward Fresh Tasman Wholesale

Did you know that "Raeward Fresh Tasman" is like a “Supermarket on Wheels”, that delivers to Businesses, 6 days a week, for the Top of the South Island?!!!

Some Businesses and Gyms like to provide a Fruit Basket for their Staff/Employees - how awesome are these Bosses/Employers?!!!

I know Microsoft in Wellington provides Breakfast Cereals etc, and unlimited drinks for their Staff of Genuises {yup that's my boy Reilly, who Interned there, the Summer of 2023}!

Also, think Work BBQ’s, Christmas and other Staff Functions that Employers usually hold throughout the year, Raeward Fresh Tasman has it all!

Raeward Fresh Tasman also delivers to a large number of Businesses in the Top of the South Island, think West Coast, Golden Bay, Marlborough and beyond.

To Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Hotel, Motels, Takeaways, Churches and Hospitals, if you eat it / use it - they can supply it!

They have such a huge variety of goodies, think for example: 

Cheese ...

“Cheese” ... 
What Flavour? 
Parmesan, Brie, Camembert, Edam, Mild, Coly, Blue, Speciality etc etc
What Size?
500g, 1kg, 5kg, Wheel, the list goes on!

Or “Mushrooms” … Tinned or Fresh?

White Button, Swiss Brown Button, Portobello, Shitaka etc etc
Then you have Quality … Tag 1 {Best}, Tag 2/Market {2nd Best} Tag 3 {for Risotto’s}
And then you have weight!

Did you know there is such a thing called “Wild Mushroom Calendar”  that you may find interesting.

Artisan Breads ...

Please don’t get me started on the "Breads", from locally made Artisan Breads, to Supermarket branded Breads, even Breads with Cricket Flour Protein!!!

Anyways you get the drift!!!!

Raeward Fresh Tasman is literally a SuperMarket that delivers to Businesses!

From #Milk #Bread #FreshFruit and #Veges, #Pantry and #QualityMeat and #Fish from "Raeward Fresh Butchery - Factory Direct Store" on McGlashen Avenue, Richmond, and anything else you may look for in a Supermarket - Raeward Fresh Tasman has it all!

A quote from the Raeward Fresh Website ...

”At Raeward Fresh our passion truly lies within our produce and butchery offerings, celebrating seasonal and local when possible and bringing to the floor only the freshest of goods.
Alongside being the champions of fresh, our evolving range differs from region to region and is chosen with care from New Zealand’s top artisan producers – products with proven consistency and quality, offering taste and value from all cuisines and cultures.”

And ...

“On our shelves, you'll find all the culinary extras you need to create anything from basic to extraordinary meals at home.
Plus keep up with the latest products from our local or national artisan producers.”

Raeward Fresh actually had 3 Departments, the Retail Shop on Champion Road {Raeward Fresh Richmond - which has recently closed}, the Wholesale Department {"Raeward Fresh Tasman"}, based on Champion Road, and "Raeward Fresh Butchery - Factory Direct Store" on McGlashen Avenue - where you can still redeem your Gift Cards.

This is what I purchased with my Gift Card ...

What with the Retail shop on Champion Road closing lately, here are some of the Customer Comments ...

✦ Best shop ever

✦ You guys provided that amazing service during Lockdown

✦ Always had a great selection of Local Products

✦ Thank you for the last 10 years (I moved to Nelson in 2014) and have been a keen Customer for much of that time

✦ Much better quality and pricing at Raewards

✦ The best and only place to buy quality bbq cuts from in Nelson 

✦ I only left for 4 months, where will I buy the Tomahawk, Pichannha, 4 Sauceman Spiced Chicken, Beef and Pork Ribs from now!!?? 
Plus all the Rubs you guys stocked, again the only place in Nelson to do so

✦ During Covid they made it so much easier to get groceries, no big long lines, and we didn't have to wait long for Grocery Order to be delivered. 

✦ We have always supported Raeward as there are very few stores like this left, small, personal, and have those Products you couldn't find in the larger stores. 

I had a $50 Raeward Fresh Gift Voucher to spend, and I lovingly spent over an hour going up and down the Isles, and I really had not realised how big the range of Products are, that we carried - and I work in the Wholesale Department as "Wholesale Administrator" 4am>8am 4 days a week!

Raeward Fresh Richmond and Tasman were/are very keen to promote the Small Business Owner {like myself}, and specialise in Locally Made Products and Produce, and the range is immense.

This is what I purchased w/ my Gift Card, and I ate like a queen over the next few days, I so enjoyed myself, and I love to promote #LocalBusinesses too!

✦ Cyclops 

✦ Cyclops Authentic Greek Vanilla Bean Yoghurt  - the yummiest on the Market!!!

✦ Frooze Balls

✦ Isey Skyr Creme Brulee ✦

✦ Lisa’s Hummus ✦

✦ Philadelphia Cream Cheese ✦
Mmmmmm think Carrot Cake Icicng and Cheesecakes!!!

✦ Serious Fruit Chocolate Banana Bites ✦  

✦ Whittakers Cholate Lovers - Hazella ✦

+ an Avacado, Dole Pineapple, Grapes!

I really feel for the staff and friends that lost their Jobs, I can't count how many times I have been asked after long-term employee and friend Brian, and how he is getting on, let alone the rest of the Team.
As Raeward Fresh Richmond specialised and invested in many Small Business Owners and Local Suppliers, I really feel for them and their families too, as the impact of Closure has had a ripple effect on not just them, but other businesses too, like ... ZINK.

Zink Cafe BBQ and Heating
2 Champion Road
 Richmond, Nelson 7070

I wanted to give a shout-out to Zink BBQ and Heating next door...

The Team give such awesome service, and they have yummy food too #WinWin
Quite often {well 3 times}, I have had the Breakfast Sandwich, and OMG it was so yummy!!!
At work, we run a Coffee Club, and each morning, one of my colleagues would dash next door with the Coffee List.

My Co-workers in the Club take turns paying for all the Coffees, and I have sure had my share - although I am not in the Club!!!

Please check "Zink" out, on the corner of Champion Road, opposite the Supermarket - they also specialise in Weber BBQ’s and Heating.   Check 'em out soon - you won’t regret it!!


So to conclude, if you or your Business is wanting further info on how to set up an Account, and start getting your Raeward Fresh deliveries started, please contact ...

Mark Paton
Branch Manager
Raeward Fresh Tasman

        *This Article is of my own Opinion, and is #NotAPaidEditorial and #NotAnAd

#JorjaRoseNZ #SocialMediaMaven #KatheSocialMediaMaven #SupportLocal #BuyLocal #ShopLocal #RaewardFreshTasman #SupermarketOnWheels #FreshIsBest #YourFreshFoodPeople #FarmFresh #SmallBusinessOwner #Zink #ZinkBBQHeating #GreatFoodGreatPeople

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