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Sunday 2 June 2024

Raeward Fresh Tasman a Supermarket on Wheels

Raeward Fresh Tasman Wholesale

Did you know that "Raeward Fresh Tasman" is like a “Supermarket on Wheels”, that delivers to Businesses, 6 days a week, for the Top of the South Island?!!!

Some Businesses and Gyms like to provide a Fruit Basket for their Staff/Employees - how awesome are these Bosses/Employers?!!!

I know Microsoft in Wellington provides Breakfast Cereals etc, and unlimited drinks for their Staff of Genuises {yup that's my boy Reilly, who Interned there, the Summer of 2023}!

Also, think Work BBQ’s, Christmas and other Staff Functions that Employers usually hold throughout the year, Raeward Fresh Tasman has it all!

Raeward Fresh Tasman also delivers to a large number of Businesses in the Top of the South Island, think West Coast, Golden Bay, Marlborough and beyond.

To Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Hotel, Motels, Takeaways, Churches and Hospitals, if you eat it / use it - they can supply it!

They have such a huge variety of goodies, think for example: 

Cheese ...

“Cheese” ... 
What Flavour? 
Parmesan, Brie, Camembert, Edam, Mild, Coly, Blue, Speciality etc etc
What Size?
500g, 1kg, 5kg, Wheel, the list goes on!

Or “Mushrooms” … Tinned or Fresh?

White Button, Swiss Brown Button, Portobello, Shitaka etc etc
Then you have Quality … Tag 1 {Best}, Tag 2/Market {2nd Best} Tag 3 {for Risotto’s}
And then you have weight!

Did you know there is such a thing called “Wild Mushroom Calendar”  that you may find interesting.

Artisan Breads ...

Please don’t get me started on the "Breads", from locally made Artisan Breads, to Supermarket branded Breads, even Breads with Cricket Flour Protein!!!

Anyways you get the drift!!!!

Raeward Fresh Tasman is literally a SuperMarket that delivers to Businesses!

From #Milk #Bread #FreshFruit and #Veges, #Pantry and #QualityMeat and #Fish from "Raeward Fresh Butchery - Factory Direct Store" on McGlashen Avenue, Richmond, and anything else you may look for in a Supermarket - Raeward Fresh Tasman has it all!

A quote from the Raeward Fresh Website ...

”At Raeward Fresh our passion truly lies within our produce and butchery offerings, celebrating seasonal and local when possible and bringing to the floor only the freshest of goods.
Alongside being the champions of fresh, our evolving range differs from region to region and is chosen with care from New Zealand’s top artisan producers – products with proven consistency and quality, offering taste and value from all cuisines and cultures.”

And ...

“On our shelves, you'll find all the culinary extras you need to create anything from basic to extraordinary meals at home.
Plus keep up with the latest products from our local or national artisan producers.”

Raeward Fresh actually had 3 Departments, the Retail Shop on Champion Road {Raeward Fresh Richmond - which has recently closed}, the Wholesale Department {"Raeward Fresh Tasman"}, based on Champion Road, and "Raeward Fresh Butchery - Factory Direct Store" on McGlashen Avenue - where you can still redeem your Gift Cards.

This is what I purchased with my Gift Card ...

What with the Retail shop on Champion Road closing lately, here are some of the Customer Comments ...

✦ Best shop ever

✦ You guys provided that amazing service during Lockdown

✦ Always had a great selection of Local Products

✦ Thank you for the last 10 years (I moved to Nelson in 2014) and have been a keen Customer for much of that time

✦ Much better quality and pricing at Raewards

✦ The best and only place to buy quality bbq cuts from in Nelson 

✦ I only left for 4 months, where will I buy the Tomahawk, Pichannha, 4 Sauceman Spiced Chicken, Beef and Pork Ribs from now!!?? 
Plus all the Rubs you guys stocked, again the only place in Nelson to do so

✦ During Covid they made it so much easier to get groceries, no big long lines, and we didn't have to wait long for Grocery Order to be delivered. 

✦ We have always supported Raeward as there are very few stores like this left, small, personal, and have those Products you couldn't find in the larger stores. 

I had a $50 Raeward Fresh Gift Voucher to spend, and I lovingly spent over an hour going up and down the Isles, and I really had not realised how big the range of Products are, that we carried - and I work in the Wholesale Department as "Wholesale Administrator" 4am>8am 4 days a week!

Raeward Fresh Richmond and Tasman were/are very keen to promote the Small Business Owner {like myself}, and specialise in Locally Made Products and Produce, and the range is immense.

This is what I purchased w/ my Gift Card, and I ate like a queen over the next few days, I so enjoyed myself, and I love to promote #LocalBusinesses too!

✦ Cyclops 

✦ Cyclops Authentic Greek Vanilla Bean Yoghurt  - the yummiest on the Market!!!

✦ Frooze Balls

✦ Isey Skyr Creme Brulee ✦

✦ Lisa’s Hummus ✦

✦ Philadelphia Cream Cheese ✦
Mmmmmm think Carrot Cake Icicng and Cheesecakes!!!

✦ Serious Fruit Chocolate Banana Bites ✦  

✦ Whittakers Cholate Lovers - Hazella ✦

+ an Avacado, Dole Pineapple, Grapes!

I really feel for the staff and friends that lost their Jobs, I can't count how many times I have been asked after long-term employee and friend Brian, and how he is getting on, let alone the rest of the Team.
As Raeward Fresh Richmond specialised and invested in many Small Business Owners and Local Suppliers, I really feel for them and their families too, as the impact of Closure has had a ripple effect on not just them, but other businesses too, like ... ZINK.

Zink Cafe BBQ and Heating
2 Champion Road
 Richmond, Nelson 7070

I wanted to give a shout-out to Zink BBQ and Heating next door...

The Team give such awesome service, and they have yummy food too #WinWin
Quite often {well 3 times}, I have had the Breakfast Sandwich, and OMG it was so yummy!!!
At work, we run a Coffee Club, and each morning, one of my colleagues would dash next door with the Coffee List.

My Co-workers in the Club take turns paying for all the Coffees, and I have sure had my share - although I am not in the Club!!!

Please check "Zink" out, on the corner of Champion Road, opposite the Supermarket - they also specialise in Weber BBQ’s and Heating.   Check 'em out soon - you won’t regret it!!


So to conclude, if you or your Business is wanting further info on how to set up an Account, and start getting your Raeward Fresh deliveries started, please contact ...

Mark Paton
Branch Manager
Raeward Fresh Tasman

        *This Article is of my own Opinion, and is #NotAPaidEditorial and #NotAnAd

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