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Monday 10 June 2024

Brick Eatery At Monaco Village, Nelson - it's A Destination ...

"Brick Eatery"

30 Quiet Woman Way, Monaco Nelson 7011 Phone +64 03 547 0792

The Brick Eatery on Point Road, Monaco, Nelson was my destination for an #Impromptu, 10-minute notice #Brunch today!
Of course, I welcomed an #Invite to get #OutAndAbout, and thoroughly enjoyed the company and conversation.

For a fabulous #Meal, whether it be #Brunch, #Lunch or #Dinner, this is the #Restaurant to go to for the sheer atmosphere and scenery of #Beautiful #NelsonTasman.
Nestled at Monaco Village on the Monaco Peninsula, the scenery at The Brick Eatery is gorgeous, as it overlooks the Waimea Inlet, then out into the Tasman Sea.

From the Dining Room and the Court-Yard of The Brick Eatery, you can view the Waimea Inlet, as well as the Pond that runs along the front of the Grand Arden Monaco Hotel, plus beautiful Palm Trees, and green spaces merging down to the Tidal Beach.

As the Peninsula is Tidal, there is always a hive of activities with Boaters, Sailors, Fisher-people, Artists, Beachgoers and Walkers flocking there, plus people visiting the Galleries around the “Island” of Monaco.

Formerly called "The Orangerie", and opened 2005

The Brick Eatery is adjacent to “The Grand Arden Monaco Nelson” which opened in 2004.
The original Restaurant opened in 2005, and was called “The Orangerie”, and was named after the Orangerie Groves in Italy.

They had such fancy chairs at “The Orangerie”, from memory they were hand-made in Italy. Back in the day {2005 onwards}, it was one of the most elite Restaurants in Nelson for Cuisine, Decadance AND impeccable Style, as it still is now.
The floor is tiled in BIG Black and White Squares, and the Dining Room looks like a small BallRoom and is perfect for dancing the night away.

“The Grand Arden Monaco Nelson”

6 Point Road, Monaco Nelson 7011
Email Phone +64 022 461 9734 

The whole Monaco Village / Community is beautifully made into a “quintessential English countryside Village” and both Monaco Village and notable Nelson icon "The Honest Lawyer” Pub {which is a play on words} were originally created by Mike Gepp.
Made from handmade Bricks and Timber salvaged from the Nelson Wharf built in 1842, and it's like a step back in time to the Countryside of England with an abutment of Wild Flowers, including a Village Green.

“Monaco Village”

6 Point Road, Monaco Nelson 7011

Along with the Hotel, and the Privately-Owned Two Story Cottages, there are a number of other businesses that are available at Monaco Village including:
✦  "Brick Eatery"
✦  “Paul Harris Jewellers Monaco Resort”  
✦  “About Beauty At Monaco”
✦  “Nelson Events and Venues” which has Conference Rooms and a Wedding Venue at the Complex
✦  + a Pool and Onsite Gym.

✦  Sidenote: In a previous lifetime {2004 > 2007} I was the “Duty Manager” for 3 and ¼ years doing NightShift {from 4pm onwards} at the then-called “Monaco Hotel & Resort”.
I chose to work these hours, so that I could be there for my Kiddos during the day {and their early morning starts!}.
When I started, the Kiddos were exactly 2 years 5 months old, and 12 months old {there are seventeen months between them}.
I started working @ Monaco Hotel & Resort on the 1st of August 2004 after my little girl JR turned one year old the previous day, and only four months after the Hotel opened ...

Whilst there, I lost the Sock of “That Guy” Leigh Hart ... on his Honeymoon!
The Man behind “Wakachangi” Beer and Chips, brewed by Harrington's Breweries.
Born in little ole Greymouth, and starting his career in TV in the 1990s, he’s well known for satirical comedy and the ole Hellers Bacon Ads!
Little known fact … In 2011 in Shanghai, Mr Hart helped raise nearly half a million dollars for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund!

Not to mention former All Black Mr Daniel William Carter ONZM, when he Checked In … I asked Mr Carter if he was willing to take any phone calls.
Mr Carter said he was only willing to take phone calls from his then-girlfriend, now wife Honor!!! - How cute is that!

Being a very exclusive Hotel, you can imagine the "Guest Register", and the caliber of the guests that stayed over the years!!!
As I was there for so long I gathered quite a number of stories, some of which seem unbelievable looking back!!!
> more to be released in my W.I.P. Book I am working on!

“Charred Mushrooms”

Portobello Mushrooms with Potato Rosti, Avocado, Poached Eggs {which I requested well-done}, Dukkah, and was garnished with Mesclun Salad.

The Wait staff were super friendly and accommodating, as I like my eggs well done!
As it was Brunch, I ordered “Charred Mushrooms”, Portobello Mushrooms with Potato Rosti, Avocado, Poached Eggs {which I requested well-done}, Dukkah, and was garnished with Mesclun Salad.
I could not fault my order, it was sheer bliss. The Veges were so fresh, you could tell they came straight from the garden. 
The Portobello Mushrooms were big fat and juicy, and sliced into chunks, then charred.
The Potato Rosti was the tallest I have ever experienced, and it was a rectangle - I know the mind blows!!!
Hass Avocado was whipped into a gorgeous dollop, and the Poached Eggs looked so pretty.
Loved the Dukkah, as it was a delicious crunch surprise, I would definitely order this Dish again, and my Brunch Companion also ordered the “Charred Mushrooms”!

“Antipodes Water Company”

My only complaint was that I was not advised there would be a charge for "Sparkling Water".
Some local Cafes and Restaurants like "Crossbow Coffee Roasters" have Sparkling Water on Tap, and it is complimentary.
So was a bit shocked at the $12 charge for the Antipodes Sparkling Water, when I settled my Bill - although it did taste so pure, refreshing and silky smooth - I took my half-drunk bottle home with me!

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very simple error, as when I dined at a VERY Fine Dining Establishment in Wellington recently, for my son’s Graduation from University - which is a really special Dinner Occasion, I asked the Waiter if Sparkling Water was available.
When the waiter came back to the Table, he was carrying a beautiful chilled Glass Bottle of Water, and before he had time to take the Lid off, I asked if there was a Charge.
The Waiter did not know if there was a cost, and I suggested he go and ask at the Bar, he came back and advised that yes, there was a charge, and it was NZD$12!!!
As it was my son’s Graduation, I thought why not? As everyone was ordering Beers, Wines, and Cocktails, so why couldn't I have a glass of chilled "Antipodes Sparkling Water", which is also available as Antipodes Still Water.

An excerpt from the “Antipodes Water Company” Website …
     “Far beneath the earth’s surface at a depth of 327m is the natural home of Antipodes; an artesian aquifer composed of silica-rich ignimbrite rock. 
Assessed as New Zealand’s deepest high-quality water source, it exists under such immense geological pressure that the water flows naturally all the way to the surface. 
Its measured age at bottling is between 50 to 300 years.”

I would much rather have been advised the charge before the Sparkling Water was poured, cause I would have ordered a Glass of Ice!
BUT the $12 was well worth it!

As a person #LivingWithChallengers and I am on a Zimmer Frame, I did find getting access to the Restaurant difficult, as although there was lots of parking, once entering the Courtyard, there were large Concrete Pavers surrounded by small stones, and at each Paver, my Zimmer Frame would jam against each and every Paver, as there was not enough stones in the gaps.
I did mention my concern to the staff, and they were already aware of this hazard as it is part of an Irrigation System, and the Stones/Pebbles needed to be a certain height for water to run off.
So I suggested a “Caution” sign out front, as a Warning Sign to take Caution could mean the difference between a slight accident to a broken Hip or Ankle!

All-in-all though, I would rate my wonderful experience this morning at "Brick Eatery" as 4 ½ out of 5.

*This Article is of my own Opinion, and is #NotAPaidEditorial and #NotAnAd


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