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Sunday 24 April 2016

“Pari The Poodle” ...

The NEW Scentsy Buddy “Pari The Poodle”  - available starting April 21!
A festive French Beret adorns her springy white curls for a pup that’s both cuddly and chic!
But don’t delay! Just like haute couture, her time with us is limited.
When Parí bids a fond adieu, a new limited-edition Scentsy Buddy will take her place.
Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favourite Scent Pak fragrance.

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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Crafty News ...

Hi There My Crafty Friends,

Can’t believe how fast the past 3 month have flown by.

I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement during Sale-A-Bration.
If you missed out on the "Pedal Pusher" and/or "Sky Is The Limit" stamps sets, I have a couple of stamp sets still available for $20 each.

I welcomed to my Team the "Heritage Crafters" {as I live in Heritage Crescent!}, Aleisha, Deepika, Janette and Margarette, who have all taken up the amazing Sale-A-Bration offer, with a home shopping account.
Aleisha and Deepika will be based in Auckland, and I am sure they will get together to do some craftin', as both ladies love to craft!

In order to raise funds for the new Catty, due out 1st June, I have a HUGE Sale on, and have selected 50 of my much loved stamp sets, which are all $20-$30 each.
First in first served, I will also be listing online too.
Don't worry, there are still 200+ stamp sets left in my Craft Cave!
+ I have just made my Wish List for the new Catty!

Today was a very exciting day, I got to view the new Catty online {shh secret squirrel ... can't show you yet}, and also the Retired List was issued!!! $$$
My initial Wish List was $450 in retired product!!! 
I tried ordering 10 packs of Antique Brads, but they have sold out already!!!
To view the "Retired Stamps" List, please click here {and ensure you are looking at New Zealand prices!} 
To view the "Retired Everything Else" List, please click here {and ensure you are looking at New Zealand prices!} 
I will be placing my next order Thursday evening.

Other news is that I have been writing again, which I am finding very cathartic.
I wrote a review on the "Murder In The Potting Shed" Murder Mystery Dinner, that I went to at the Nelson Suburban Club recently.
The article was forwarded on to the Nelson Suburban Club by a member of the Garden Club {no not me!}, and has since been sent out in a Newsletter to all their members, AND is also on their website!

I have {not} written a couple of articles recently …
Ø  “Murder In The Potting Shed" ... Murder Mystery Dinner ”, please click here

“Create With Kathe” Craft Classes this week …
I am still running 4 Classes a week, so if you would like to pop in for a chat and a coffee, and maybe some craftin' as well, please call me.
If a Class time does not suit, then I can accommodate another day/time, as long as there are at least 2 of you craftin'

Cost is only $10, and bookings essential as I make up kits - thanks 

As we are midweek ...
"Create With Kathe” Craft Classes THIS week are:
“Create With Kathe” Thursday 21.04.2016 , 1pm>3pm  and again 7pm>9pm 

If placing an order online please use April Hostess Code KVWA4HYJ, if you use this code when you place an Online Order, I will send you a small gift with a Thank You Card.
Note: Please do not use the code on orders of $300 or more, as this will stop you being able to select your Stampin’ Rewards.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Newsletter, I really appreciate it!


Sunday 3 April 2016

“Murder In The Potting Shed” … Murder Mystery Dinner …

“Murder In The Potting Shed” … Murder Mystery Dinner …
On Friday night the Garden Club, from the Nelson Suburban Club put on an awesome night of entertainment!

There were approximately 150 guests.   Each table had 10 guests, and funnily enough, the guests at our table knew my Mom Dale, from Jaycees and from when we were living in Atawhai {we moved there in 1975!!!}.   Many hadn’t seen me since I was a little girl! 
The ladies couldn’t believe that I was now an adult, with children {Reilly is 14 and JorjaRose almost 13, and married for 15 years!} and I did say “I am now 41 years old”!  … laugh out loud!

My Membership Card, and my Clutch for the evening, a ”Kathy Van Zeeland“!

Along with the “Murder In The Potting Shed” Play, the meal was also themed on a Potting Shed …

Bread rolls served in a basket with butter on the side
Corn Beef
Vegetarian Cottage Pastry Pie
Mashed Potato
2x Relish and White Sauce for the Corn Beef
Bread and Butter Pudding , and Cream
Sticky Date Pudding, served with Custard

The Corn Beef served looked so yummy, but I did not partake, instead selecting the “Vegetarian Cottage Pastry Pie” option.
But … oh-my-goodness … “Bread and Butter Pudding” is one of my all time favourite desserts, so I was rapt to find it on the menu!

The Murder Mystery Play “Murder In The Potting Shed” was written By Kim from K.C. Creations, and was specially written for the Garden Club.

It was quite a production, with 5 members from the Garden Club being actors, and approximately 18 members from the audience were selected to be actors too.
Throughout the Play, there were one liners from famous movies, which we as a table were asked to write down the line, and the movie from which it came from.   Some that I remember were “show me the money” – “Jerry Maguire”, “wax on, wax off” – “The Karate Kid”,  and “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” – “Gone With The Wind”.
At the end of the play, the audience had to guess who was the murderer, of the poor old Professor.   The murderer turned out to be Kelvin, because he was jealous that the Professor was flirting with his boyfriend Melvin!
I guessed wrong, but a couple of the ladies at our table got it right.

The Garden Club did an awesome job of decorating the entrance of the Function Room, the tables were gorgeous with checkered plastic table cloths, and decorated like a Potting Shed, with faux vines, faux tomatoes and a faux mouse on each table!

The Professor had a table on wheels with potions on it, and one of the audience actors was tasked with delivering a shot glass of green liquid to each table, which turned out to be Lemonade with green food colouring!

The stage was also decorated and styled to resemble a Potting Shed, and Nelmac loaned out plants to make the Potting Shed look more realistic.
One of the main sponsors on the night was the “Resort Canteen” at the Tahunu BeachHoliday Park , which donated gift vouchers, as there were three games of “Heads and Tails”, once of which my Mom Dale got into the finals of!
All in all it was a lovely night out, and my first function that I had attended at the Nelson Suburban Club, in twenty years … now that’s showing my age!

I can’t wait for the adventures that lay ahead, as I joined the Garden Club in March when we made Wind Chimes from Terracotta Pots.
The April meeting is not that far away and the subject for April is “Bulbs”.

So if you are interested in joining the Garden Club, please check out the website 

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