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Monday 27 February 2012

Mishap on the way to the Oscars …

Mishap on the way to the Oscars …
I was so looking forward to watching the E Red Carpet Oscars this morning at 11.30am, so thought I would squeeze my banking in beforehand.
Got to the Richmond Mall at 11.20am, anyways long story short … I took a tumble in the car-park, whilst wearing my gorgeous new Pulp Wedges.
I thought I was okay till I took a look at my wrist and saw 2 big bulges appearing .. and one was turning a blue/green colour!.
Luckily it happened right outside Paper Plus and the ladies in there were awesome!
Megan rang my hubby to ask him to take me to A&E
Ren made an icepack for me, which made a HUGH difference to the bruising and swelling and
Anna made me a strong cup of coffee with 3 sugars!!!
So I pretty much spent the whole afternoon in the Hospital, and after all the drama I only have bruised bones and deep tissue damage, but no broken bones - thank God.
I was sooooo concerned about not being able to put my makeup on, let alone personal hygiene!
Oh and BTW … I missed the Oscars!

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