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Thursday 28 June 2018

Storage Ideas With Kathe: Stampin Up Ink Rack Holder

I love local businesses, and I love Storage Ideas!!!
Local business Faith Pocock Craft Studio” has come up with a great and aesthetically pleasing idea for storing your Classic Stampin’ Up Ink Pads.

Their Stampin’ Up Ink Rack Holder will hold 48 Ink Pads, either of the older style Ink Pads, as well as the new design, released 1st June 2018.

As an added bonus, it will also store your “Tsukineko” Ink Pads, i.e. StazOn, VersaMark and Memento.

I purchased two sets, with the option of purchasing another set when the rest of my coveted “New” Ink Pads arrive.
My first Ink Pad Rack Holder that I assembled, took a couple of hours to make.

The second time round, I had learnt from my mistakes, and I used Tombow Liquid Adhesive in all of the joints, and held the Rack together with copious amounts of rubberbands till the glue dried!

To place an order with “Faith Pocock Craft Studio”, check out their website here and Trade Me here.
Please also take your time to visit the 
“Faith Pocock Craft Studio” Facebook page here.

When ordering, please mention the Order Reference as “JorjaRose”.
I can’t wait to see your Ink Pads stored, please share on Instagram with #jorjarosenz

** This review is of my own experience, and has not been paid for in anyway.
** It is an independent review, and not endorsed by “Faith Pocock Craft Studio”.

Monday 25 June 2018

The Life Of Kathe: The Kindness Of Strangers

You know that moment when you meet someone xtra special?
Well I met that person over the weekend, after I purchased a “Fluidity Barre”, via Trade Me.Shelley from "Lees Grove Emporium" has gone out of her way to help me, so that I can resume some form of fitness, with the Fluidity Barre.

When Shelley emailed me {we have had 9 emails back and forth}, I burst into tears of happiness that someone would actually go out of their way to help me.
My son, sixteen and half years old, came home from school, and asked why I had been crying, and I told Reilly of the kind deed that Shelley had done for me.
Although we talked via email, Shelley never judged me, or even knew of my illness, and lack of mobility.

I walk with the aid of a stick, BUT I have almost needed 2 Sticks this past fortnight, after spraining my ankle again!
Luckily this was my right ankle, instead of the Avulsion Fraction of my left ankle 3 years ago.
I am fortunate that my husband is a sportsman, and is used to strapping rugby players.
When I first did it last Saturday 16th June, my ankle/foot had gone to sleep, and my ankle/foot looked really floppy.

This is my leg, 9 days after crashing on it in my fall!

Next thing I know I had gone down like a tonne of bricks!

I was on the floor for 10 minutes unable to move because of the pain.
After the 10 minutes I tried crawling, but my knees were really bashed, so then I had to do a crab crawl to get to the couch.

Ouchy … this is days later!!!

I didn’t have enough energy to pull myself onto the couch, but I did have my phone handy and rang my husband {who was at the Rrrrrrrrugby Club}, who had to come home, and get me off of the floor {again!}.

Cut to 9 days later, and my ankle is still super sore and bruised, but hey … I am still able to shuffle!

If you get a chance, please visit Shelley's website "Lees Grove Emporium"

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