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Friday, 14 November 2014

What Have I Missed?!!!

“What Have I Missed?!!!”

One of my crafty ladies returned last night after being away for a month on leave … and yes I do grant “leave”!!!
She was super excited to see what we got up to over the past month at my “Create With Kathe” Craft Classes ...

Her first ? when she arrived last night was … “What have I missed?!!!”.

I had a wee surprise planned for her, I had made ALL her projects over the past 4 weeks, and had them ready to present to her last night as a welcome back gift.

To say she was super surprised is an understatement!!!

She went home with a wee skip to her step AND super delighted, + she couldn't wait to share her haul with her hubby!

To view past Classes, please view the "Create With Kathe" Tag, or click here.

If you live locally and would like to register for a Class, please email me on

Happy craftin’,

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