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Friday, 11 March 2016

Dusty Deserves His Own Post! …

Dusty, 3am in the Bathtub!!!

Dusty Deserves His Own Post! …

You may have discovered by now that we have a gorgeous cat called “Dusty”.
Dusty is a Russian Blue, and is the most gorgeous cat I have ever met!
Since Dusty came into the family, he gets up to daily high jinks, and terrorizes the neighbours, by leaving wee gifts of birds in their homes!
Some of our neighbours even give him treats, and my crafty ladies quite often stop in with cat biscuit samples they have been given in the “Junk Mail”!
Aside from high jinks, Dusty’s other occupation is  … sleeping, and he loves to sleep!

Dusty was a gift from a family, who read online what happened to our previous cat, who was attacked by 3 dogs, and subsequently had to be put down.
Nike had been in our family for 23 years, so it was really hard to see her put to sleep.
I wrote about the dog attack on Facebook, and a girl {now a lady!} whom I went to High School with {25 years ago!!! – you do the math!}, read the post on Facebook, and made contact via a private message, saying that their family would love to give our family a kitten, as their Moma cat was about to have a gorgeous wee litter of kittens!
We met Dusty when he was 5 weeks old, and brought him home when he was 6 weeks old.
As you may have gathered, we are dotty over Dusty, and I just can’t help but share photos of his antics!   Dusty even has his own hash tag #dusty!
I just went through my Facebook posts, dating back to January 2015, and this is what I came up with …

“Feeling Amused”

It's 2:45am and Dusty has fallen asleep (again), whilst he is helping me write an article called "Dusty Deserves His Own Post"!

“Thinking About Birds”

Now this is the life!
Just hanging on the sofa, chillin'


It's a hard life being a kitty cat!
Dusty's half awake/half asleep after catching birds again today

“Feeling Amused”

Dusty chilling it!
Ode to be a cat!

26.02.2016 {same day}
“Feeling Envious”

The sun has moved, so Dusty ' changed position!
Oh to be a cat and have no worries!

26.02.02016 {same day}
“Feeling Hot”

It's soooo hot out there, that Dusty has taken refuge, by lying in shade of the windowsill!

23.02.2016 {same day}
 “Feeling Amused”

'tis too hot out there for Dusty!

23.02.2016 {same day}
“Feeling Frustrated”

So Dusty still lay there fast asleep whilst we had dinner! 
This is JorjaRose's plate, now that she's almost 13 years old, she is now a Vegetarian!!!

“Feeling Amused”

Yep, that's our Dusty, stretching and trying to keep cool in this afternoon heat!

“Feeling Amused”

Dusty all tuckered out ... 1 Class down, 1 Class to go!!!

Dusty all tuckered out after chasing those "Crazy Birds" ...

“Feeling Amused”

Dusty couldn't help but have a nap in the middle of Class today!

“Feeling Amused”

Dusty all tuckered out after making jewellery this arvo! 


Poor "Doug", Dusty caught him, nurse Jen rescued him, but alas his injuries were too severe.
He passed away peacefully in Jen's caring hands.
RIP Doug.

“Feeling Amused”

Meanwhile Dusty is asleep (again!), and I am craftin' hard in the "Kat(he) Cave"!

“Feeling Amused”
Had a hard night out, promoting #JenScentsy, and come home to find Dusty all curled up and asleep on his favourite chair! 

“Feeling Amused”

Check out my new holder for my Cane "mac", hooked onto my Big Shot #3 "Topaz"!
Dusty had to get in on the action ... of course!
*edited, as typed on my Cellphone, and had some spelling/grammar errors!

“Feeling Amused”

Dusty showing off my up coming Class projects.

“Feeling Amused”

TRYing to set up for tonight's Class, as as usual Dusty is laying amongst the projects ... Grrrrrr

“Feeling Proud”
JorjaRose made Dusty a bandanna scarf, how cute is he?!!!


Craftin' like mad whilst Dusty sleeps under WayneO's legs.
Notice the WOBber socks!

“Feeling Amused”

Brydee had to move chairs 'cos Dusty was sleeping on her chair! 

Dusty sleeping amongst the Christmas product!

Dusty taking a snooze 

“Feeling Sleepy”
Dusty all ready for Class to start! 


Class starts at 2pm, I have 1 seat left
And yes, Dusty Will be in Class too!

And here's a competition I entered Dusty in, to win a pair of shoes from
"Number One Shoes".

Didn't win, but isn't he soooo stink' cute!

Found this shot of Dusty in the Pantry!

And finally a couple of videos of Dusty when he was about 10 weeks old!

Have you fallen on love with Dusty yet too?!!!

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