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Sunday, 29 January 2017

#Netflix = #RippedOff #FairGo

#Netflix = #RippedOff #FairGo

As a Netflix user, I urgently request that you check your Credit Card/PayPal account.

I have just discovered that I have been charged twice a month since July 2016, due to an underage child thinking she was doing me a favour and signing me up to Netflix.
At that same time I was in my office, also signing up.
She used an incorrect email address {which Netflix did not check at the time} and added at the end of my email address instead of .com
Hence we have paid via Credit Card and PayPal an amount of  2 x $96.93 = $193.86
Netflix’s response is to credit my Credit Card a whooping $14.99!!!

To say I am dissatisfied is an understatement.

So I urge you to check your payment{s} are true and accurate, so that you too are not overcharged.

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