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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Best $6 Ever Spent … “THE Chocolate Fountain”

My daughter JorjaRose had saved her pocket money up {she gets $3 a week!}, and our local department store had a sale on, AND we came across a Chocolate Fountain for $6!!!
Looooong story short, I encouraged her to buy it {not for my eating pleasure of course!!!}.
So far we have tried Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and Cadbury White Chocolate, both were extra yummy!
I cut up healthy strawberries and bananas, and not so healthy marshmallows!
The best ever were toasted marshmallows {toasted on the gas cook-top}, then dunked in delicious chocolate … mmmmmmm Heaven with a capital H!
We also tried toasting the bananas, which caramelised them a bit, and the strawberries too!

My top tip is NOT to melt the chocolate in the microwave, as the instruction sheet says!!!
Tis what {unbeknownst to me} JorjaRose did, I woke up to the house smelling rancid, as the first block of chocolate was burnt to a crisp and the whole house was stunk out!
Instead, place water in a pot on the cook-top, place a bowl on top of the water, melt the chocolate and cooking oil in the bowl, stirring occasionally.
I used way less cooking oil than the instruction sheet said, which is much healthier too!
Calories wise, my rule of thumb is, there only as many calories counted, as time spent on the stick.

Therefore each gorgeous morsel is worth 5 calories!!!

I may just have to limit this treat to once a week, instead of every second night!

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