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Monday, 27 January 2014

Two Weeks And Counting …

These Summer Holidays must be the loooongest on record!!!
The kids finished school 20th December, and Reilly who is at Intermediate {Middle School} doesn’t go back to school till Monday fortnight – that’s the 10th of February, that’s 7 weeks of holidays!!!
Yesterday’s adventure has spilled over into today, and got even bigger!
The kids yesterday turned our open plan Kitchen/Dining Room/Family Room into a huge Hutt/Fort!
They grabbed their duvets, mattresses and sheets and draped them over the Pool Table, and any other furniture they could drag in to their Hutt.

They used piles of books as {paper}weights to help keep their creation from disintegrating.

At present they are having a sleepover with a friend, under the Pool Table, which is {somewhere} under the white duvet cover.

Last night they did the same, and I didn’t know they were in there, as the room looked like a huge patchwork quilt.

I went into the kitchen at midnight to do the dishes and clean up after dinner, when a small voice said “Mum what are you doing?”
I was very surprised to hear Reilly, as I thought the kids were in their rooms fast asleep!
Well, I wonder how late tonight the chit chat will be, as it is already after 11pm and I can STILL hear little voices coming from under the Pool Table, I mean the Hutt!!!

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