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Monday, 15 September 2014

So This Is Why Exercise Is Bad For You …

My Mom and I recently decided to take up walking twice a week, for our own health.
Our first day was last Tuesday, as soon as I put my Asics running shoes on, I could feel them rubbing.
We walked to the Mall {ran some errands} and back, and I knew before taking off my shoes, I would have a couple of juicy blisters.
Our next walk was on Friday, and as my feet were still sore, I wore Ballet Flats.
We walked to the Mall again to run errands, then added an xtra bit to our walk {of course we had to stop at the Dairy on the way back for a Magnum!}.

By the time I got home, my feet were now weeping!
Yesterday {Sunday} I had a good friend who is also a nurse bandage my foot, and just now taking the bandage off, this is how bad it Is now looking  …

 I tell ya… so this is why exercise is bad for you!

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