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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Storage Ideas With Kathe: Jewellery Storage, Oh My …

Jewellery Storage, Oh My …

So I have been searching in vain recently for my {lost} set Jewellery Pliers.
After spending many hours sitting on the floor of my Craft Room searching, I decided the only option I had left was to buy another set …
Little did I know that this would set me back $24.95!!!

So recently I shopped at my favourite store, Jacqui e, and boy did I get some bargains, like a Belt for $1.30, down from $25, and Scarfs for $3.50 down from $40!!!
I also purchased a new Necklace and Bracelet set.
The Necklace was $19.95, down from $39.95, and the Bracelet was $12.95, down from $24.95

Whenever I purchase a new set of costume jewellery, I always purchase 2 Bracelets, that way I can pull apart {or deconstruct} the 2nd Bracelet, and make a pair of Earrings {or two}!

So yesterday I set to in my Craft Room making some Jewellery, and this is the result …

While I was making some jewellery, I thought you may be interested to see how I store my rather large collection …

The Necklaces hanging are hung on double hooks, which I designed myself. They are stored in my Closet/Wardrobe, that way you can’t see them if you were a burglar looking in through my bedroom window!

I have a rather large collection of Rings, which I store in a container on my Dresser, along with my Earring collection.

Please bear {beer/bare???} in mind that this is 20 years of collecting jewellery, I hate to show you my MakeUp collection!!!

Have I inspired you to try and make some jewellery too?!!

Sending paper-hugs your way,

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