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Monday 9 January 2017

The Life Of Kathe: Hello New Year, Hello First Accident Of The New Year ...

“Still livin’ life and being a dare-devil!!!”

Well, I started the New Year with sass and attitude!

Hello New Year, Hello First Accident Of The New Year ...

On New Year’s Eve, spent a lovely day out with my favourite Cookie Monsters, and Mr and Mrs Cook!!!
JorjaRose mastered the Knee Board, and I had a ride in the "Cooked" Sidewinder Boat, my first jet boat ride in 20 years! – SUCCESS!!!
Reilly came out boating after Uncle Craig bet him $20 that he wouldn’t get wet and have fun … Craig lost his $20!!!

On Tuesday, 03.01.2017, we had a family “Fish and Chip” Tea night.
Love our family nights, we also caught up with family from Christchurch, along with 2 of my brothers, their families, and my Mom and Dad, + of course Wayne, Reilly and JorjaRose.
Afterwards we had a game of Kiwi Backyard Cricket, and we all played ...

Here's a video of my beloved brother Pete, entertaining us all ...

{please click on the photo to start the video}

I had a runner {due to my walking cane "MacKenzie"}, did a massive 4, overbalanced, fell over and fractured my ribs on the left side.
To say I’m in PAIN is a very accurate description!!!
The A&E Doc said it could take 12 weeks to heal … that’s gonna be towards the end of Sale-A-Bration!!!
May have to spend allot of time recuperating, and on my computer, checking out Pinterest of course!
Oh well … didn’t expect to have an accident so early on in 2017, but I’m gonna keep pushin’ on!

From my family to yours, wishing you a very Happy New Year!

btw didn’t need any Iodine this time!
btw here are the Rules Of Backyard Cricket ...

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