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Monday 28 March 2016

Storage Ideas With Kathe: The Warehouse: Focus Group

Last week I was shopping at The Warehouse, when I was approached by a tall looking fella called Blair, who asked me if I was a local.
As I live 3 corners from The Warehouse, I said that yes I was!
He then asked me if I would like to be part of a Focus Group, which started at 6pm {it was already 4.30pm, so I had to get my skates on with dinner etc}, if I did attend the 90 minute meeting, I would be rewarded with a $50 The Warehouse Gift Card!
Of course I said yes, because I have lots to talk about as a customer of The Warehouse, + the $50 Gift Voucher would come in so handy.
I asked the lady at the checkout to put all my goodies on hold, because I would be back later that night to pick up the goodies that I had decided I really needed to purchase!
The Focus Group was great, there were approximately 10 customers, and 6 The Warehouse personal, some from Head Office in Auckland, the Branch Manager, key personal from our local The warehouse, and of course Blair from Head Office too.
There were 5 topics we discussed, and we all talked one at a time, answering with our personal view on different topics, and subtopics, and the meeting was taped, so they could digest and deconstruct the meeting afterwards.
One of the most useful topics discussed was the Christmas Club, which I knew nothing about.
I seemed to be the youngest person there, and the only with a physical disability.   Blair had no idea that I walked with aid if a cane, as it was in my shopping trolley!
I mentioned that anything stocked below my knee line, I couldn’t see or access.
The width of the isles was too narrow for people with disability, and I had many other answers and suggestions.
It was a really great Focus Group, and I am so pleased as to how we as customers were listened too.
It was also really interesting listening to the staff, as they all genuinely loved working at The Warehouse, and would not consider working for another business.   One of the people there had been an employee of The Warehouse for 20 years!
Once the meeting finished, I dashed back to the Warehouse to pick up my goodies.
LOL and another couple of ladies had the same thought as we all laughed when we saw each other there!

On my list of purchases was the great Craft HoldAll by Craftwise called “Plastic Storage” {I purchased 2, as it was buy one, get one half price} some Craftwise Charms {again, buy one, get one half price}, as book called “Deadly Deceit” by Mari Hannah, a packet of Skittles Sours {my all time favourite}, 2 Cream Eggs and I also signed up for the Christmas Club!

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All in all, Tuesday turned out to be a fab day!
Thanks Blair and the Team at The Warehouse!

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