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Friday 14 February 2014

“Valentine’s Day Cup-Cakes”

Today is Valentine’s Day, and JorjaRose had a “shared lunch” at school today.  
Sooooo we decided on a Valentine’s Day theme for her “plate”

Each child is asked to bring a plate of finger-food to share, what with 600+ kids at school, and 200+ in her Syndicate, there was quite an array of goodies to eat!

Last night, JorjaRose made these cup-cakes by herself with supervision from moi.

We used a packet of “Edmonds Angelic Vanilla Cake”, and only had to add an egg and some water to the mixture {as per the directions}.
Instead of baking a Cake, we decided to make Cup-Cakes, and there was enough batter to make 18 Cup-Cakes!

AND this morning she was up at 7am ready to ice the Cup-Cakes!!!

When we went to make the icing, we discovered we had no food colouring, so added Jelly Crystals in the icing, which gave it the pink colour.

We made these cute little Toppers by re-purposing paint strip samples, and punched out a zillion hearts in different colours of pinks, and then we used double-sided tape to adhere to the long toothpick skewers.

At the shared lunch, JorjaRose’s Valentine’s Day Cup-Cakes were the first to go; secretly I think the little girls just wanted the heart Toppers!!!


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